Pasta is a universal product consumed worldwide. It is most often made from durum wheat semolina and water (with eggs, tomatoes or spinach included in some recipes), and comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Others flour grains may be used to process pasta, including whole cereals. Pasta is of course very popular because it is convenient, nutritional, economical and can be used in a great number of ways, as the base for a main course or as a garnishing.

Quality from start to finish

ligne pâte

For short pasta, Clextral has developed custom-made processing systems that efficiently produce the main short pasta shapes: macaroni, penne, elbows, vermicelli, farfalle, angel hair, egg noodles, etc… and more innovative shapes too. Clextral short pasta production systems are designed to comply with the most demanding standards of hygiene, flexibility, consistency, productivity and maintenance. Clextral systems maintain high quality standards from start to finish, with perfect dosing of ingredients, homogenous mixing, forming and cutting, pre-drying, Rotante rotary drying, cooling, storage, and packaging.

For the drying phase, Clextral systems offer a particular advantage because they use a unique VHT (Very High Temperature) drying system, which offers advantages that include reduced processing time, enhanced final quality (especially for pasta made with soft wheat), minimal product loss, fast changeover times and hygienic processing.

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