Since the early 70’s Clextral has pioneered the making of  innovative products using its twin-screw co-extrusion systems, such as filled crispy flat breads and breakfast cereals and filled sweet and savory snacks.

Filled with great savory ideas

Filled savory snacks are an interesting variation because they combine two textures: a crispy outer biscuit and a soft filling. The filling provides the dominant flavor to the product, complemented by the taste of the biscuit.

Total versatility systems

Filled snacks can be made on the same production equipment as directly expanded snacks using a co-extrusion add-on kit. 
Other advantages include:

  • Ingredient flexibility
    • Processing of a wide range of raw materials for both outside shells and fillings
    • Quick changeover between product runs
  • Production of various of traditional and innovative shapes (pillows, triangles, sticks, ovals, diamond-shaped,..), sizes, colors and coatings 
  • PLC control of production to ensure optimized process parameters for each recipe

Clextral provides its clients with a full range of services to create, test and simulate production of  innovative filled snacks. Clextral has experts on all continents and state-of-the-art  test plants in Firminy – France, in Tampa – USA and Melbourne – Australia to turn good ideas into profitable products.

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