Clextral twin-screw extrusion technology enables food producers to manufacture a very wide range of ready to eat snacks:

  • Direct expanded snacks, indirect expanded snack pellets, coextruded products, cereal chips and crackers, extruded croutons and bread snacks, etc.
  • Raw material diversity : cereals (corn, wheat, oat, barley, rice …), whole grains and / or mixtures of grains, ancient grains (amaranth, quinoa, etc.), tubers and roots, etc.
  • New features, such as innovative shapes and textures, various coatings and fillings (sugar and savoury)
  • Nutritional products rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals

Clextral added value

Since the 80s, the world’s leading snack manufacturers have been using our twin screw snack extrusion systems to meet the demands of their markets in terms of quality and products innovation.

The twin-screw extrusion process: quick, simple and optimal

  • Productive: automated systems for controlled and consistent production on a continuous basis, easy and quick product changeover, automated start up, simple cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • Promoting flexible product innovation:
    • Variety of raw materials
    • Wide range of shapes, sizes, recipes
    • Easy adaptation to extend the range of products
    • Multi-products line
  • Sustainable: HTST (High Temperature Short Time) processes generating savings of raw materials, water and energy, ease of maintenance, compact design requiring less floor space

Clextral experts, in collaboration with food processing professionals, are constantly developing new solutions to produce an ever wider range of snacks.

A partner for the development of new products

CLEXTRAL offers its expertise and testing facilities to develop new products and improve processes. Design, laboratory testing, prototyping, small batch production, industrial simulation, etc. Clextral R & D services help to manage and implement innovations that anticipate and respond to new trends in snacking worldwide.

Did you know ?

The global ready-to-eat snack market generates $500 to $600 billion of sales annually and will continue to grow strongly in the years to come.