precooked flours -baby food

Pre-cooked flours are fast dissolving or instant cereal-based preparations that, when rehydrated (with water or milk), provide a soup, mush, cream or dough. They are widely used as cereal-based baby foods (for children above four months) and, in many countries, they are used as ingredients in regional recipes. They are easy to store, to transport and to prepare and are balanced nutritionally.

Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems are ideal for processing perfectly formulated instant flours with all the required features: protein solubility, sensitivity of amylases to starches, bioavailability of minerals, etc.

A recipe for growth

Various cereals can be used to process pre-cooked flours: rice, corn, wheat, barley, oats, tapioca, manioc, etc. Local cereals or root vegetables can also be used. Recipes can include other ingredients such as milk powder, sugars, minerals and vitamins, as well as salt and flavours. For children, rice flour is often used in pre-cooked flours because it is easily digested, well balanced and low in allergens.

For adults, pre-cooked flours often use soy because of their high protein content or corn to make regional dishes: arepas in Colombia, Venezuela and Central America; gorditas in Mexico; and  mingau  in Brazil. These products can be served in soups or porridges, and vegetables, cheese and other ingredients can be added to prepare more elaborate dishes.

Versatile and efficient twin-screw extrusion

The precise processing features of Clextral extrusion-cooking lines allow manufacturers to use a variety of raw materials to make a wide range of recipes. This process makes it possible to transform natural starches into nutritious and digestible starches.

Clextral systems offer several advantages:

  • Expert process control of finished products in terms of viscosity, moisturizing capacity and solubility time for instant preparations
  • Consistent quality of final product thanks to controlled continuous processing
  • Hygienic manufacturing conditions that guarantee the strict sanitary quality of extruded products
  • Lower energy costs, compared to drum cooking dryers
  • Compact design, reduced floor space and easy installation

Clextral provides its clients with a full range of services to create, test and simulate the industrial production of new recipes in its dedicated research and development centers in France, in the US and in Australia.

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