Leveraging its EPT™ (Extrusion Porosification Technology), Clextral proposes original solutions to manufacture porous powders with enhanced functionalities. EPT™ can advantageously replace conventional drying techniques, such as spray drying and freeze-drying. EPT™ is a breakthrough technology : it inaugurates a new processing design to texturize powders and increase drying efficiency by accelerating material and heat transfers thanks to the unique structure it confers to the powder particles. It enables the processing of high solides concentrates to produce highly porous powders with improved rehydration properties, at a lower cost, in particular through significant energy savings throughout the various drying phases. 

Numerous food processing applications

Powders manufactured  with the EPT™ process are composed of spherical particles with porous matrices the structure of which consists of numerous holes and capillaries evenly distributed between the pores and the surface of the particle. This unique structure enables EPT™ powders to show improved functional rehydration property with faster rehydration rates compared to powders made with conventional processes such as spray drying.

EPTEPT™ technology can be used for numerous food processing applications such as:

  • Dairy-based powders, enzyme-modified cheese (EMC) … etc.
  • Dairy ingredients: whole and skin milk, milk protein concentrates, bio-functional protein fractions, milk replacers (such as coffee whiteners), etc.
  • High fat powders (up to approx. 80% fat content),
  • Heat sensitive products such as probiotics, ovoproducts, etc.
  • Preparations such as encapsulated flavours, ice cream mixes, protein concentrates for high energy drinks
  • Instant precooked cereals Instant drinks : fruit juices, coffee, tea
  • Dehydrated powdered preparations for culinary use

The advantages of the EPT™ process

  • Improved powder functionalities
  • High flexibility in the control of powder particle properties
  • Potential for product innovation
  • Flexible and versatile production units
  • Drying air temperature 20 to 50 C° lower compared to conventional processes
  • Control of the size and density of particles
  • Significant energy savings
  • Compact processing lines (reduced footprint)



To allow its customers to assess the potential of this process, Clextral has designed and markets a pilot line with evaporative capacity of 30kg/h of water. Clextral also proposes a full range of support services to help develop innovative food products with EPT™ technology

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