Fonctional ingredients

Functional ingredients provide specific properties to food such as texture, flowability, hydration and taste. They also enable processors to make new foods more efficiently, with controlled and productive recipes. Clextral is leveraging its twin-screw extrusion technology and expertise to develop a new generation of powders. Its patented EPT™ process is a breakthrough intensified Extrusion Porosification Technology for making innovative high-performance powders while using less energy.

What are functional food ingredients and how do they work?Fonctional food

Functional food ingredients cover a wide range of products that enhance taste, texture and other features. Modified starches, yeasts, dairy products and caseinates, for example, are used as binding, thickening and texturing agents. Encapsulated flavors, for their part, provide interesting taste enhancements. These functional ingredients are produced in a variety of ways: heat treatment, enzymatic or chemical hydrolysis, emulsification, pressing etc. Clextral twin-screw systems are ideal for producing efficient and convenient food ingredients by mixing carriers, such as powders, to the active ingredients. In particular Clextral is developing porous powders that provide enhanced functional features, such as improved rehydration characteristics.

Creative technology

Clextral systems can be used to produce a vast array of functional ingredients:

  • Encapsulated flavorsCitrus and fruits, bergamot, menthol, almond etc. with a wide range of suitable carriers
  • Bakery additives: Lecithin-rich flours, acidified flours, high-protein textured flours
  • Caseinates: Calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate, potassium caseinate