Ingrédients alimentaires

Food processors are constantly on the lookout for new ingredients to enhance the quality and variety of extruded products, such as snacks and cereal bars, combining nutritional value and good taste. Clextral’s continuous extrusion, cooking and drying processes enable the production of a wide range of recipes to make foods with different textures, shapes, tastes and colors and to optimize the value and attractiveness of finished products.

What are the trends in food ingredients?

Food ingredients are intermediate products used to enhance other foods. They increase the attractiveness of food for consumers: visual appearance, preservation and taste enhancements. A wide range of products, from powders to formed extruded products, can benefit from food ingredients. This includes, for example, puffed rice, whole grains, textured proteins, caseinates, gelatinized flours and fruit extracts to create new recipes.

Clextral’s twin-screw extrusion systems enable processors to make these sophisticated recipes efficiently and consistently. Clextral also provides its clients with a full range of services to create, test and simulate production of new innovative products. It has experts on all continents and state-of-the-art laboratories to turn good ideas into great products.

Added value technology

Clextral twin-screw extrusion lines offer a wide range of innovative new tools and process enhancements to facilitate the creative and efficient use of food ingredients:

  • Flexibility to process a variety of ingredients
  • New die and cutter technology to make complex shapes and sophisticated recipes
  • New dryer technology to provide post-extrusion options for toasting and texturing
  • Improved process control to ensure consistent results, traceability and optimal hygienic conditions
  • Expert advice and testing facilities, to design new recipes
  • Licensing of technology and process parameters to ensure brand exclusivity
  • Follow-up services, including training and support.