crispy flat bread

Clextral pioneered the making of crisp breads with its twin-screw extrusion systems in the early 70’s. Innovation has continued ever since and today Clextral works with food processors to develop a wide variety of textures, flavors, coatings, shapes and fillings and to create a new generation of healthy, high-fiber and low-fat products.

Good from dawn to dusk

Flat crispy bread are generally square or rectangular, with a wide range of possible dimensions, from small flat biscuit-size breads popular at snack time, to large flat breads that conveniently replace toast for breakfast or bread for lunch and dinner. They offer great taste, are nutritious and benefit from a long shelf life.

Built-in production flexibility

Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems are custom-designed and built to enable food processors to make a wide range of products. The raw materials used to manufacture flat crispy bread by extrusion-cooking are cereal-based and starch-rich . Wheat flour is commonly the major ingredient, often blended with rice, corn or other grains, such as barley, oats and rye. Other ingredients, including sugar, salt, milk powder, are generally added for their specific functional and taste properties. Flat breads can also be gluten free.

Pain Plat Typical physical characteristics :

  •  Thickness: 5-7 mm
  •  Width: 37-65 mm
  •  Length: 37-120 mm
  •  Low apparent density at around 6 g for a product 110x63x7 mm

Taste and texture characteristics:

  •  Smooth and regular appearance
  •  Neutral and toasted taste
  •  Highly aerated cellular structure for crispy texture

Flexible and modular add-ons

Clextral flat crispy bread production systems can be transformed to produce filled crispy flat breads, with the simple add-on of various kits.

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