snacks pellets

Snack pellets are intermediate non-expanded products made with raw materials that include cereals, potatoes or vegetable powders. These semi-finished products are generally sold to snack manufacturers who then process them, using different methods (frying, hot air baking, etc.) and adding various taste ingredients to create ready-to-eat snacks.

The market for these types of products is growing fast, mainly due to the great diversity of products in terms of shapes, textures, colors and flavors. Snack manufacturers throughout the world greatly appreciate pellets because of their long shelf life and their high-density features, simplifying storage and making them convenient and economical to transport.

What is the difference between an expanded snack and a snack pellet?

Pellets become ready-to-eat snacks once they have been expanded.

Snack pellets can be made with a wide variety of grains – corn, wheat, rice, tapioca – or potatoes and other vegetables. They can also incorporate aromas and colors in their recipes.

Food makers can thus cater to new consumer trends, including the use of vegetables and multi-grains for flavor enhancement in healthy snacks.

Clextral, the twin-screw extrusion expert

Clextral’s twin-screw cooker extruders are at the core of each snack pellet processing system, providing optimum starch gelatinization through continuous mixing, which is critical in pellet manufacturing. Advances in extruder die and cutter designs also give processors an entirely new set of templates to use for creating innovative products.

Final processing takes place in Rotante rotary dryers, ensuring optimized and homogenous moisture control.

Clextral’s processing systems offer the following advantages:

  • Ingredient flexibility – processing of a wide range of raw materials and easy changeover
  • Production of various shapes and sizes.
  • Multiple flavors and colors
  • PLC control of production to ensure optimized process parameters for each recipe

Clextral provides its clients with a full range of services to create, test and simulate production of new innovative pellet snacks. Clextral has experts on all continents and state-of-the-art test plants in France, in the US and in Australia  to turn good ideas into profitable products.