Filled cereals

Clextral co-extrusion systems enable food manufacturers to produce a vast range of filled ready-to-eat cereals.

Cereals filled with taste

Filled breakfast  cereals are directly expanded cereals co-extruded with creamy and sweet pastes. They are particularly innovative and easily adaptable to meet changing consumer demand. Clextral and its customers constantly develop new products, with a great variety of crispy outer parts and fillings that are both tasty and nutritional.

Clextral co-extrusion systems provide:

co-extrusion kitProcess efficiency

  • Ingredient flexibility to process a wide variety of  :
    • Outer parts with various cereal grains and granulations : wheat, rice, corn, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat, whole grain etc.
    • Fillings :  chocolate flavors, jellies, fruit pastes, honey, yoghurt, etc.
    • Shapes : pillows, tubes, bars, triangles, nuts, balls, long and short ovals and specialty profiles, etc.
  • Production-proven processing techniques and scale-up expertise
  • Expertly crafted co-extrusion dies with optimized  flow design

Product advantages

  • Product quality and consistency
  • Pre-engineered dies for producing a wide variety of shapes
  • Processing capabilities to manage a variety of filling recipes
  • Possibility to enrich in fibers, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to create wholesome and healthy foods.

A typical co-extrusion processing line includes mixing and dosing systems, a twin-screw extruder at the heart of the process and shaping equipment. Drying, coating and cooling devices are then used accordingly.

Extruded flakes can also be made on the same lines with complementary equipment.

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