Extruded flakes

Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems  efficiently produce a vast range of cereal flakes that meet an evolving demand for consumption at breakfast or snack.  Twin screw extrusion lines are simpler and more cost effective compared with batch cooking systems traditionaly used for flakes manufacturing. 

A great classic with a modern twist

Flakes, crusty toasted petals, are  the great classical breakfast food and have been adopted by a majority of consumers around the world.  The twin-screw extrusion lines allow to process a vast range of recipes adapted to all tastes and needs.

Flakes are either consumed plain  or coated with a variety of sugars, malted ingredients, honey, fruit flavours, chocolate, etc.  “Corn flakes” are the most famous variety but many other cereals can be used such as wheat, rice, oats, barley, rye, buckwheat…. A new variety of “multigrain” or “multicereals” flakes made with a mix of visible cereals inclusions became very popular. To meet the increasing demand for healthy cereals, whole grain or grains enriched with fibers, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are also used. 

Clextral twin screw flakes extrusion : more flexible and more cost-effective

Over the years, many food manufacturers have adopted Clextral  twin-screw extrusion systems to produce flakes because this technology offers many advantages compared to conventional batch cooking process :

  • Quick processing time  : 15 to 20 minutes vs 8 to10 hours for the batch process
  • Flexibility  to create a wider range of products
    • Raw material versatility : corn, wheat, bran, oat flakes
    • Wide range of products opportunities : flakes, direct expanded, co extruded.
  • Reduced operating costs :
    • Much lower investment  cost
    • Quick process
    • Quick start-up,  shut down and product changeover
    • Energy & water savings :  only 23% RH out of the extruder, water consumption reduced by 1,5 compared to batch cooking
    • Reduced raw material costs
  • Continuous fully automated processing lines to produce consistent quality product while maintaining  organoleptic characteristics close to the flakes manufactured with conventional batch cooking.
  • Compact design with reduced floor space

Flexible and modular add-ons

Clextral directly expanded cereal or co-extruded cereals production lines can be transformed to produce flakes with the simple add-on of various kits.

Clextral design and manufacturing experts are available to retrofit existing systems to produce new products.

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Did you know?

Clextral was the pioneer for making extruded breakfast flakes, first introduced in the early 70’s.