filled crisy flat breadClextral has leveraged its expertise in crispy flat bread manufacturing to develop new filled products made with co-extrusion systems.

Filled with great taste

Filled crispy flat breads are an interesting variation because they combine two textures: a crispy outer biscuit and a soft filling. The filling provides the dominant flavor to the product, complemented by the toasted taste of the biscuit.

They are popular within a wide range of consumers, but are particularly appreciated by children and young people. Since they require no cooking nor preparation, they are handy to eat at home or to take to school or work.

Endless creative combinations

Wheat flour is commonly the major ingredient for the outside of filled crispy flat breads, often blended with rice, corn or other grains, such as barley, oats and rye, and they can also be gluten free. Other ingredients, including sugar, salt, milk powder, colors and oil, are generally added for their specific functional and taste properties.

Common fillings include chocolate (dark, milk or white), vanilla, jams, peanut butter and various fruit pastes: dates, prunes, berries, apples, etc.

Physical characteristics

  • Thickness: 12-13 mm
  •  Width: 32-35 mm
  •  Length: 100-150 mm
  •  Apparent density: around 16 g for a product 32x150x12 mm

Taste and texture characteristics:

  • Smooth and regular appearance
  •  Neutral and toasted taste
  •  Highly aerated cellular structure for the outside biscuit texture
  • Variations in granularity, from flour to semolina
  • Double texture achieved with the crispy biscuit and soft filling
  • Variable filling content, from 20 to 50%

Flexible and modular add-ons

Clextral co-extrusion filled crispy flat bread production systems can be transformed to produce simple crispy flat breads, by programming machines.

Download our filled products and co-extrusion brochure

Find out more about how filled crispy flat bread are made on Clextral co-extrusion lines.

Did you Know

Clextral pioneered the making of crispy flat breads with its twin-screw extrusion systems in the early 70’s, at the same time as it was developing extruded ready to eat breakfast cereals.