CSIRO and Food Stream

Clextral will sponsored the Food Drying Technology conference presented by the FIE and FoodStream, in cooperation with CSIRO’s food innovation centre. This event will be held online from Tuesday, March 2nd to Wednesday, March 3rd, between 8:30 and 16:30.

This conference will be about one of the most frequently used operations in the food industry : the drying technology. Many aspects of this technology will be presented during these two days. You will learn more about dried products, basic theory, drying systems, water activity and much more (click here to discover the program). A lab demonstration is also scheduled on day 1 and a pilot plant visit on day 2.

Clextral is specialized in twin-screw extrusion technology and offers drying technology to produce specific products and reach quality requirements :

  • Product quality and features
  • Scale
  • Cost efficiency
  • Environmental impact

This drying process is essential because it extend product shelf life, ensure quality and simplify transport. Clextral proposes a range of drying systems based on two different technologies :

  • Evolum® belt dryer : for extruded and expanded products. It features precise functions for gentle, efficient and cost-effective drying that will enable you to ensure the quality of your finish product.
  • Evolum® rotante dryer : for dense, sticky or heat-sensitive products. This dryer provides high drying efficiency and accuracy. In the same time, it has a reduced carbon footprint. 

Clextral offers you many options in the drying technology area to meet your needs and to ensure the quality of your products. So this event is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this technology. 

Find more information about this event on the FIE website and click here to register.