logo fispalClextral will be present at Fispal Tecnologia from June 25th to June 28th, in Sao Paulo (Brazil).  This is a major event for food industry experts to discover new solutions, technologies and market trends. For 35 years, it gathers professionals from the food and beverage equipment’s’ sector.

Our team will be there at the Sao Paulo Expo to welcome you and share their experience!

Twin screw extrusion offers many advantages such as an increased productivity, a greater flexibility and more consistency. Clextral production lines enable food producers to manufacture a vast choice of snacks and breakfast cereals, with a large range of recipes and shapes.

Evolum plus +

With twin screw extrusion technology, you can choose to manufacture many different types of breakfast cereals: directly expanded cereals, flakes, co-extruded products… To do so, you can use various raw materials, for example white or yellow corn, wheat, rice, barley, oats… to create nutritional products enriched in fibers, vitamins and multiple cereals.

Snack manufacturers around the world use Clextral technology to produce snacks. This experience enables them to meet customers’ expectation on the market, in term of quality and product innovation.

To find more information, visit Fispal Tecnologia website.