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Clextral will participate to the FIRST event (Food improved by research, science and technology), a new digital experience, organized by IFT. From July 19th to July 21st, join us to learn more about science, research and insights. You also have the opportunity to organize meetings with solution providers and experts from July 19th to July 23rd. The purpose of this event is to offer new and innovative solutions to bring our world better and more accessible food. It will gather experts in different areas such as research, ingredients, technologies, quality… 

With twin screw extrusion technology and expertise, Clextral helps food manufacturers to innovate and offers news solutions for the food industry. The twin screw extrusion systems are ideal for producing efficient and convenient food ingredients such as : 

  • Encapsulated flavors (citrus and fruits, bergamot, menthol, almond…)
  • EPTTM Extrusion Porosification Technology (high protein dairy powders, high fat mixes, probiotics, modified starches, instant drinks, flavors…)
  • Pre-gelatinized flours (baby foods, instant soups, thickening agents, pre-cooked flours…)
  • Bakery additives (lecithin-rich flours, acidified flours, high-protein textured flours…)
  • Caseinates (calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate, potassium caseinate…)
Fonctional ingredients

Those ingredients are intermediate products used to enhance other foods, for example it’s used to improve visual appearance, preservation and taste. You can also give specific properties to food products such as texture, flowability, hydration… thanks to functional ingredients.

So if you are interested, join us to learn more about ingredients and technologies. Visit the event website to find more information and don’t forget to register to participate.