Georges HALLARY, our Vice President and Director of Operation recently had an interview with European Food Journal on our twin screw extrusion technology and our equipment for the Food & Feed industry.

We started as a manufacturer of twin-screw extruders for the plastics industry,” says Vice President and COO Georges Hallary, describing the origins of the company. “In the 1970s, we were the first company to take the useful technology to the food industry. At that time, we designed a completely new processing line for Danone for the production of Craquotte, a new type of crispy flat bread positioned somewhere between crackers and rusk. It was a groundbreaking development that marked our entry into the food industry. Today, extrusion lines for food processing applications are our most important business segment.

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“As a production method, twin-screw extrusion offers numerous benefits over single-screw extrusion, including very homogenous product quality, enhanced productivity, greater flexibility with regard to the use of different raw materials, energy savings and easy maintenance. The technology was first employed in plastics processing 60 years ago. Clextral SAS, a pioneer in the sector, developed it further and introduced it to the food industry. Today, committed to excellence in extrusion, the innovative French company generates more than two thirds of its revenue in the food and feed sector.”

Read the full interview of the European Food Journal