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Interested in knowing more about the booming trends around meat alternatives and substitutes? Jump in a car or in a plane and join us in Frankfurt Messe, Frankfurt, Germany, for the IFFA show from May 14th to May 19th

Our experts, Ludovic LACAU, Sylvain COURBON, Nicolas LESYK and Gilles MALLER, can’t wait to meet you there on our stand D64 (Hall 12.0) so as to share with you their expertise in high moisture and low moisture processes using twin-screw extruders and help you concretizing your projects!

Dive into the future with plant-based extrusion technology!

Making out of raw materials such as pea, soy, fava beans or other protein sources, meat and fish like products are one of today’s greatest challenges that can be achieved thanks to twin screw extrusion technologies using low or high moisture conditions and also known as High Moisture Meat Analogs and Texturized Vegetable Proteins technologies.

When stopping by our stand, our teams will gladly share with you our latest innovations: our new « HCD » (High Capacity Die) and the Zigzag Texture!

We pioneered alternative proteins!

With over 25 years of experience in High Moisture Extrusion (HME), 30 in TVP (i.e. Low Moisture Extrusion or LME) production, we are able to make you produce meat and fish analogs with the features you are looking for in terms of texture, aspect, shape and taste but also in terms of production capacities.

We use our expertise to design together with you the customized food extrusion line that will enable you to get (premium quality) meat and fish substitutes. With our specific die designs, we ensure an optimized texturization and fibration of the plant-based proteins to produce analogs that gives a meat like or fish like mouthfeel experience. And with various raw materials and possible textures, we can help you recreate meat and fish products made of 100% alternative proteins.

Choosing CLEXTRAL is choosing a global and worldwide ecosystem!

With our global network of partners, we are able to make you enter a complete ecosystem that will bring you faster into the business, whether it is a matter of raw materials, recipes, engineering, flavoring, post-processing, etc.

So don’t wait any longer and choose CLEXTRAL technologies for High Moisture and/or Low Moisture Extrusion and come to talk about it with our team at IFFA!





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