Clextral will sponsor the « HMEC (Extrusion of Plant-Based Meats) » short course presented by Dennis Forte & Associates in conjunction with New Zealand Food Innovation Auckland Ltd (The FoodBowl). This event will take place from October 20th to October 21st in Auckland (New Zealand).

Camille Challard, from Clextral Australia, will be there.

This short course is about the High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC) and how it is used to process functional protein ingredients into meatlike textures. It will start by introducing extrusion technology in general and moves to the consideration of the ingredients used.

Knowledge, expertise and innovation

We pioneered extrusion technology for plant-based proteins and ever since we continue to work on the HMEC process. With the expansion of the vegan and vegetarian markets, our knowledge and expertise are great advantages for our customers.

One of the keys to success for plant-based products is texture. Consumers are searching for a real meat texture (chicken, pork, beef, seafood…). With our extruders, they can process a wide range of raw materials to find the exact texture they want.

Discover our latest innovations

We are constantly working on new technologies in order to help produce high quality meat and fish analogs. With our latest innovations, you can produce diverse textures and have a higher throughput (with the « HCD » die).

And our new 20 mm die is what you need to produce whole cuts (for example chicken analogue cutlets).

Register now to assist at this short course and learn more about extrusion for plant-based products.




New Zealand Food Innovation Auckland Ltd

HMEC (Extrusion of Plant-Based Meats) short course

New Zealand Food Innovation Auckland Ltd (The FoodBowl) Te Ipu Kai
28 Verissimo Drive
Auckland, 2022
New Zealand