Clextral will sponsor the Food & Feed Extrusion Technology short course organized by the FIE. Presented by Dennis Forte & Associates, this course will take place from September 26th to September 28th at the CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre in Werribee (Australia).

Camille Challard, from Clextral Australia, will be there!

This event is for professionals interested in extruded foods and the use of extrusion technology in food & feed processing. It covers several topics: basics of extrusion, design of formulations and processes, operation and troubleshooting of extrusion systems.

On day 2 of the short course, there will be a practical demonstration on a Clextral twin screw extruder (EV32).

Learn more about extrusion technology

Clextral is specialized in twin-screw extrusion technology and over the years, we expanded our technology with constant innovation. Our Evolum + range is the new standard for extrusion excellence.

Thanks to our advanced technology, you can add equipment to your extrusion production lines depending on the products you make and your needs: co-extrusion kit, preconditioner, vent stuffer, density control system, dryer, coating skids.

Create the products of tomorrow

With our technology, you can produce many different types of food and feed products:

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CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre

Food & Feed Extrusion Technology short course

671 Sneydes Road
Werribee, VIC
3030 Australia