Clextral will sponsor the short course « Food & Feed Extrusion Technology » presented by Dennis Forte & Associates in conjunction with New Zealand Food Innovation Auckland Ltd (The FoodBowl). It will take place in Auckland (New Zealand) from October 17th to October 19th

Camille Challard, from Clextral Australia, will be present at this event!

This short course is about extrusion technology and extruded food and more specifically the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes and the formulation of extruded food products. So if you want to know more about this technology, it is the place to be.

Premium equipment for a high quality production

Clextral’s experience in twin screw extrusion technology enables customers to process many raw materials, produce various textures, tastes and shapes in order to manufacture many food products. Our turnkey production lines are the standard for extrusion excellence.

At this event, the demonstration will be on the Clextral extruder Evolum 32 (EV32).

Extruded food and feed 

Our twin-screw extrusion lines are flexible and scalable. With our technology and our expertise, customers can create innovative products for the food industry (from alternative proteins to breakfast cereals, snacks, crispbreads or ingredients) or the feed industry (pet food, aquatic feed, treats).

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New Zealand Food Innovation Auckland Ltd

Food & Feed Extrusion Technology short course

New Zealand Food Innovation Auckland Ltd (The FoodBowl)
Te Ipu Kai, 28 Verissimo Drive,
Auckland Airport 2022
New Zealand