From February 28th to March 1st, the short course Food Drying Technology will be held at Werribee (suburb of Melbourne), Australia. This short course is presented by Dennis Forte & Associates with CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre and Clextral is proud to sponsor the event this year again.

The drying technology is a fundamental part of the food industry in many applications. In this short course, we will discuss different topics like drying efficiency, energy consumption, safety, and also how the food industry can improve current processes and products.

During these two days, there will be a lab demonstration on the water activity/moisture content, and also a visit to the CSIRO’s pilot plant. Click here to discover the program.

Specialized in twin-screw extrusion technology, Clextral offers the new standard for drying excellence with the Evolum+ Dryer. This drying technology has many benefits : 

  • Enhanced aeraulics
  • High performance thermal insulation
  • A process that runs on gas, electricity or steam
  • User-friendly operation and secure technology
  • Optimized airflow circulation
  • Modular and flexible for different yields
Clextral Evolum+ Dryer

All these benefits make our dryer an ideal solution for the efficient drying for multiple products like snacks, breakfast cereals, pet food and more.

Clextral proposes a range of drying systems based on two different technologies :

  • Evolum® belt dryer : for extruded and expanded products. It features precise functions for gentle, efficient and cost-effective drying that will enable you to ensure the quality of your finished product.
  • Evolum® rotante dryer : for dense, sticky or heat-sensitive products like couscous semolina. This dryer provides high drying efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, it has a reduced carbon footprint.

Clextral offers the drying technology to meet your needs, and the Food Drying Technology at Werribee is the event not to be missed to find out more.

Find more information on the website and register before February 13th!




CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre

Food Drying Technology

CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre
671 Sneydes Road
Werribee, VIC