Clextral will sponsor the day 2 of the Food Drying Technology short course,organized by the FIE, in Werribee (Australia) from March 1st to March 2nd, 2022. This course is presented by Dennis Forte & Associates in cooperation with the CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre and will take place at the CSIRO Food & Nutrition Flagship.

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The aim of this short course is to give an understanding of drying technologies and to show how to improve current processes and products. All that information will help you design and select new systems which will be safe, effective and efficient.

The drying process is a key stage in the food processing industry and provides essential characteristics to the products : extend shelf life, ensure quality, simplify transport.

Clextral is specialized in the twin screw extrusion technology and offers a range of drying systems based on two technologies :

  • Dynamic drying with the Evolum® belt dryer
  • Dynamic rotary drying with the Evolum® rotante dryer

With those technologies, you can meet specific product and quality requirements. Our experts design drying systems that will enable you to meet customer requirements :

  • Product quality and features
  • Scale
  • Cost efficiency
  • Environmental impact

So if you are interested in the drying technology and you want to improve your processes, join us at this event. Visit the event website to find more information and to register.





CSIRO's food innovation centre

671 Sneydes Road
Werribee VIC