Clextral will participate to a webinar about plant-based proteins called « Challenges and solutions in moisture extrusion » organized by Embrapa, on May 11th, between 10:00 am and 13:00 pm (Brazilian time). This event is entirely online so you can join us easily and it’s free. 

José Coelho and Julie Prost from Clextral USA will make a conference about « Moisture extrusion technology » (« Tecnologia de Extrusão Úmida ») at 12:20, for 25 minutes. 

From proteins to meat and fish analogs

Use our advanced plant protein extrusion technology to mix, cook and transform proteins under high moisture conditions to turn them into meat and fish analogs. This process, called HME (High Moisture extrusion), enables you to produce products with amazing textures and tastes. 


Wherever you are, whatever you need

Spare parts, upgrading, support and technical assistance or even personalized maintenance contracts, we offer many services to ensure the maintenance of your equipment. Assisting you is our priority!

Join us for this webinar to make sure HME technology has no secrets for you anymore! 

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Virtual event

Webinar « Challenges and solutions in moisture extrusion »