Clextral will be present at Bioket in Lille (France) from March 15th to March 17th, 2022. It will take place at the Lille Grand Palais. This is a global event dedicated to processes and technologies applied to biomass. During this event, you will have the opportunity to meet experts and exchange about innovations in the conversion of biomass into high-value products.

Sylvie Brunel and Lionel Danos will be thrilled to talk about your projects and ideas, to present our technology and experience. So, come and meet us on booth 5.

Lionel Danos, from Clextral, will make a presentation about «Intensified continuous biomass pre-treatment by twin-screw extrusion » on March 17th.

We are specialized in the twin screw extrusion technology. It is a proven and highly effective technology for lignocellulosic biomass conversion into biomaterials, biochemicals and biofuels. 

There are many benefits of our technology applied to the treatment of biomass. Thanks to this process, you can add value to agricultural and forest plants and plant residues such as:

  • Wood biomass
  • Crop residues
  • High yield crops
  • Long fibers
  • Grasses
biomass conversion

So this biomass treatment is a sustainable development approach both on the environmental and social side.

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