We will be attending the 7th VIV in Bangkok in March 7th as speakers for the Aquafeed Extrusion Conference.

Hadrien Delemazure, our Aqua Feed Market Manager, will showcase our expertise in twin-screw extrusion and drying technology. He will present “Making Floating and Sinking Feed Using Twin Screw Technology”.

Our company’s cutting-edge technology is designed to offer improved product quality, increased productivity, and lower energy consumption for customers. We have a full range of extrusion systems and components, including process and control technologies.

  • Preconditioner + to optimize your production capacities and performance and enhance your final product features
  • Vent stuffer limit the leaking risks from the barrel
  • Density Control System : feat. the vent stuffer, it ensures the exact density and proper degree of expansion in the final product.

Hadrien will be available to answer questions and discuss potential solutions for your needs.





7th VIV in Bangkok

IMPACT Arena, Jupiter 5 room, Bangkok

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM