Clextral will participate to the ESA chips & snacks production course part I, from November 2nd to November 13rd, 2020. This event will be online via ZOOM. It’s an opportunity to discover more about snacks production, from raw materials to formed products. Attendees will learn about industry best practice and the latest practical applications of new technology.

With Clextral twin screw extrusion technology, food producers can manufacture a large range of snacks :

  • Direct expanded snacks
  • Indirect expanded snap pellets
  • Coextruded products
  • Cereal chips and crackers
  • Extruded croutons
  • Bread snacks

You will be able to use various raw materials and new features such as innovative shapes and textures, various coatings and fillings. 

Clextral’s snacks production lines are designed to be flexible, more productive and to innovate. With these productions lines, you will be able to answer the increasing consumers demands.

boclored Snacks

To participate, click here to register and visit ESA website to find more information.