You can download some of the presentations of the Innovation Summit 2016. (most of them will be added in the coming days)
Vous pouvez télécharger quelques unes des présentations de l’Innovation Summit 2016. (A noter que la plupart seront ajoutées dans les jours à venir).

Also, for confidentiality reasons you may not see some of them, but don’t hesitate to ask your Clextral contact about the subject you need.
Pour des raisons de confidentialité, il se peut que certaines ne soient jamais en ligne, n’hésitez pas à demander à votre contact Clextral les sujets qui vous intéressent.


October 19th

Martine COLE – CSIRO (Australia)
Global Food trends and the role of Science and Technology

Jean-Louis LAMBERT (France)
Changes in human consumption patterns: The increasing importance of proteins in our diets, and the emergence of flexitarianism

Shannon HOOD-NIEFER – SFIDC (Canada)
High Moisture Protein Fibration of pulse ingredients

Kevin TRICK – PepsiCo (U.S.A.)
Flexible innovation and impact of the “better-for-you” trend in R&D

Graham WORDEN – CIGI (Canada)
Promoting & developing sustainable Crop farming in Canada

Jérome VALLEJO – LESAFFRE (France)
Introduction to food powders

Darren GARDINER – CSIRO (Australia)
A comparison of the retention of volatile compounds in coffee using different drying technologies.

October 20th

Sadasivam KAUSHIK – INRA (France)
Global aquaculture : opportunities and challenges

Emmanuel MAZEIRAUD – Aqualande (France)
Aqualande Group :developing an integrated, sustainable French aquafarming sector

Chloé CHAMPION – Diana Pet Food (France)
Overview of the challenges of the pet food industry

Jack BARON – SweetWater (U.S.A.)
Commercializing new biomass conversion technologies

Louis TIERS – I.A.R. (France)
Detailed report on second-generation industrial production plants for ethanol

Gérard VILAREM – Virginie VAN DEN BOSSCHE – Laure CANDY – L.C.A. Toulouse (France)
From agro-resources to bio-based molecules: Research and Development in the Laboratory of Agro-Industrial Chemistry

Luc RIGAL – L.C.A. Toulouse (France)
Twin-screw fractionation in the refining of agricultural resources

Pierre SOUDAN – Saint-Etienne University Foundation (France)
Company-University relations

Olivier BLACHON – Visiativ (France)
What if digital transformation was not only a question of technology ?

Xavier BOUCHER – Ecole des Mines – France
Industrial Product Service Systems – an important transition and a deep transformation for manufacturing companies.