logo_djazagroIn 2018, DJAZAGRO will take place at the SAFEX Exhibition Park in Algiers from 9th to 12th April, Halls 1, 2, 3 and 4..

Leading trade show in Algeria, DJAZAGRO is the unmissable annual meeting, with an international and a global offer in 5 different sectors of activities: Process & Conditioning, Bakery – Pastry, Food products and beverages, Ingredients, Foodservice.

We are couscous world leaders

We supply the technology, experience, and expertise to help food manufacturers achieve successful products and reduce their carbon footprint with processes that conserve water and energy resources. Our offer includes:

Couscous processing lines – Evolum CC lines

Our processing lines use advanced technology to duplicate the time-honored process for traditional handmade couscous while providing production capacity up to 3600 kg/hr. Top product quality is ensured by Clextral’s twin screw extruders and rotante dryers that are designed to manage a full range of raw materials.

Rotante intérieurDrying technology – Evolum Rotante Dryer

The Clextral Evolum® Rotante dryer provides optimum drying for dense, sticky or heat-sensitive products. Products are dried by airflow and the dryers provide high drying efficiency and accuracy, as well as a reduced carbon footprint. Evolum® Rotante technology is modular and can be adapted to specific products and processing throughput to ensure efficient and consistent drying, meeting the highest quality and profitability criteria. Over 100 dryers of this kind are currently in operation throughout the world.

Couscous R&D – expand your markets

Clextral developed a pilot equipment for couscous and pasta production. CC LAB+ is a concentration of technology for R&D, small capacity trials, semi-industrialization, training…
Benefit of quality and performance from the smallest production capacity on the market : 50gk/h.
Bénéficiez de la qualité et des performances de la plus petite capacité de production sur le marché: 50gk / h.

Watch the video to learn more about this new equipment.