Clextral will organize a webinar called « Couscous : production and trends of a product constantly evolving » on July 6th at 11:00 am (CEST). 

Samir Ben Lakhal, Timo Sartori and Ludovic Lacau, three of our experts, will talk about the technology, their expertise, the production and the market trends. 


During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn more about our CC LAB+ pilot production line which is at the IFIM Institute (the Moroccan Milling School) in Casablanca. This equipment is at a R&D center so it’s available for manufacturers if they want to develop new products and perform tests. Mahjoub Sahaba from the IFIM institute will be there during this event to talk about his experience and this equipment. 

Clextral is the world leader in turnkey couscous making machines. With a unique industrial process, our technology replicates the traditional hand-made method. It enables manufacturers to follow every steps to make the perfect product : mixing and rolling, steaming, gentle drying and careful sifting. All those steps are essential to produce regular grain sizes with a perfect agglomeration, homogenous moisture, color and size. 

Clextral EVOLUM® couscous production lines have the ability to process a wide range of raw materials and produce variable granular dimensions. Couscous is made from durum wheat or other cereals such as pearl millet, corn, soft wheat semolina and rice flour. 

These production lines features :

  • Quality production (replicating hand-made method)
  • Regularity (with full automation to guarantee product consistency)
  • Flexibility (capacity varying from 500kg/h to 3600kg/h)
  • Versatility (to process a wide range of raw materials and produce variable granular dimensions)
  • Reliability (with robust components)
  • End-to-end process control
  • Custom-made design and installation
  • Sustainability (water and energy savings thanks to an optimized cooking and drying with the Rotante technology)

If you are interested, don’t forget to register to join us for this webinar.