We develop complementary technologies compatible with extrusion lines to extend the range of products and add new ones that consumers are looking for. These technologies are either supplied with our classic production lines from the start, or proposed in the form of “complementary upgrade kits” for installation on existing lines.


Technical characteristics

The co-extrusion kit enables injection of the desired filling into products such as cereals or snacks.

  • Several types of possible fillings: sweet (jam, chocolate, etc.) or savoury
  • Parameters according to recipe
  • Automated control system with HMI or integrated into extruder
  • Chassis mounted on casters
  • Buffer tank with double jacket and electric heating
  • Slow stirrer with scraper
  • Opening of door for manual input or control
  • Interconnection to CIP or automatic input filling system
  • From 2 to 8 outputs with volumetric pumps and variable speed drive
  • Precise and secure dosing with mass flow meter on each output
  • Extruder quick-connect pipe
  • 4 to 12 die outputs

Advantages of the Clextral filling kit

Filling with low moisture content and viscosity of 500-500,000 cP.

  • Compact kit easy to integrate on a line
  • Washable CIP system
  • Automatic and flexible system for a wide variety of filling viscosities (parameters entirely adjustable with recipe management)
  • Appropriate dimensions for optimal dosing and low production losses
  • Controlled filling temperature

The kit includes

  • Front plate + die
  • Filling pump skid
  • Forming Crimper