Training: Basics of extrusion and the extruder

Customized training to meet your company’s needs

An innovative and proven educational format

Guided by our expert trainer, your team will master the basics of extrusion and gain proficiency on the extruder. Sessions include a combination of videos, animations, and engaging game-style challenges.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the extrusion process and how the extruder works
  • Acquire the vocabulary specific to your equipment
  • Identify and understand malfunctions with the extruder
  • Verify the state of the components to prevent unplanned events

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3 days of training
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Languages : French or English
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Maximum 4 participants
This training will benefit:
– Production Operators
– Maintenance Technicians
– Production Manager
– Maintenance Manager
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Fully equipped training center
Projection equipment
Clextral extruder (BC, EV, or EV+)
Screen / whiteboard
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Improve your profeciency on your equipment, optimize your production, expedite maintenance and changeover!

Discover new ways to improve the operation and maintenance of your extruder. Through different scenarios, you will learn to identify the essential components of your equipment and follow best practices to optimize your processes.

Key themes

• Getting to know the extruder
• Mechanical and electrical components: frame, gearbox, motor, screws and sleeves, sensors, etc.
• Interactions between technique and process – Synergy
• Prevention techniques and safety actions

Place of training:

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At Clextral (Firminy):

– Extruder and dedicated tools in place
– Get to know Clextral, visit the assembly and machining workshops, and learn about different extruder models and ancillary equipment
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At your location*:

– Reduced logistics costs
– Environment and equipment familiar to participants
– Possible production constraints
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*Subject to the evaluation of the trainer, and depend on the state and condition of the equipment.

Our “Basics of the extruder” training may be complemented by additional ½ day classes. Topics include: Supervision – Regulation – Wear monitoring – Process management

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