At the centre of Clextral’s strategy – closer proximity to clients and markets

After setting up in Vietnam and Australia in 2012, Clextral opened sites in New Delhi, India and Jakarta, Indonesia in April 2017. That development completes a local presence across five continents in order to support its clients based in 93 different countries.

Thanks to its worldwide presence Clextral can operate on an international scale and better anticipate the needs of its clients in terms of development and offer relevant solutions for their specific markets.

With a worldwide presence,Clextral is always striving to be closer to its clients to deliver quality service and support. Gilles Maller, Vice President of Sales and International Business for Clextral, explains: “With these new sites, Clextral’s international presence displays a level of local reach unmatched within the extrusion industry, with a network of experts now spread across five continents.”

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