Starting up as a precursor in the plastics industry in the 50s, Clextral quickly expanded its scope of action to become a leader in food extrusion processing, followed by a breakthrough idea to transform plant fibers into pulp in a twin-screw machine. In another endeavor, we have become a global leader and pioneer in industrial couscous production lines, once again leveraging our innovations, in particular Rotante drying technology.

Our multiple skills and expertise cover many areas in food processing and in fields as diverse as chemical and pulp manufacturing, thermal control, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, automation, etc. This determined choice to develop a wide variety of disciplines enables us to anticipate on market trends and to assist our clients in their own innovations.

To sustain our innovation, we work with a network of public and private partners, sharing resources in our three R&D centers located in our headquarters in Firminy (France) and the US (Tampa, Florida), and more recently in Australia, through partnerships focused on the development of our innovative patented EPT™ technology.

We encourage innovation in our teams through a sustained training policy. We have also implemented a unique system to monitor and gather our employees’ ideas, which has been integrated into a comprehensive learning and thinking process to continue to develop our enterprise.