The determination to achieve Sustainable Development, more relevant the ever, has been a core consideration in Clextral’s innovation policies since its foundation in 1956. Our twin-screw extrusion technologies provide intensive processing that allow our customers “to do more with less” in terms of consumption of raw materials, energy, water and chemical products. We are more committed than ever to innovate and to find alternatives that save even more water and energy, while reducing pollution. Our continuous innovation also means that we are a responsible company, applying Sustainable Development principles to our relations with customers, suppliers and all our other partners.

Sustainable Development and Clextral in a nutshell

dev_durable_anglais_CMYKSustainable Development, which is part of a long-term approach, is expressed every day in a multitude of big and small actions. It combines, beyond environmental considerations, viable and fair economic practices, as well as societal responsibility.

These three elements have been integrated into our management policies, our company’s declaration of values and are applied to all our operations across the world.

In this way, we contribute to the three dimensions of Sustainable Development, expressed in our management system, based on our Quality and Environment Certification (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). This global continuous improvement system also includes safe working practices.

A few actions that express our daily commitment:

Practical and intensive technologies that contribute to environmental improvement:

  • In food processing, our systems use less water and energy than traditional techniques and, because they are installed close to agricultural production areas, contribute to regional economic development and the promotion of short food supply circuits.
  • As a core technology in our couscous and pasta production lines, the Rotante dryer provides exceptional power efficiency, with a 90% energy yield, compared to 55 to 70% with traditional methods
  • With our Green Extrusion Technology, we offer more efficient and cleaner customized solutions that outperform traditional processes in several industries (cellulose, pulp and paper, chemicals, energy products, etc.)
    • In cellulose pulp manufacturing, our technology has already enabled manufacturers throughout the world to save 300 to 400 million cubic meters of water
    • With our twin-screw technology, manufacturers are replacing petroleum-based products with bio-sourced raw materials
  • Our patented EPT™ (Extrusion Porosification Technology) has been developed for powder manufacturers who want to produce innovative products, with improved features and characteristics and, while requiring less energy in processing.

Societal and Environmental Responsibility:

  • We have signed a convention with our industrial partners and suppliers to implement ethical relations and to encourage practices that respect the environment
  • In line with the UN Global Compact signed by Groupe Legris Industries, our parent company, we are committed to societal responsibility, in the spirit of ISO 26000 certification
  • We apply the principles of our Code of Proper Behavior, implemented by the Groupe Legris Industries which define our commercial and environmental policies
  • The implementation of our internal forward-looking long-term project, “Horizon 2020” » open to all employees, encourages everyone to propose and apply innovative ideas as part of our “Mouv’idées” program.

Groupe Legris Industries is committed

Groupe Legris Industries, Clextral’s parent company, considers that industrial performance are closely linked to environmental and societal responsibility.

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