As world leader in twin-screw extrusion, we have extended the applications of our technology to several new markets. We have chosen to consolidate our market momentum in three areas: “Food & Feed“, “Green industries” and “Powder Industries“.

Food & Feed: food processing industries and second-stage transformation of cereals

We design and supply complete lines which leverage the flexibility of twin screw technology to produce a wide range of extruded products for the food industry: breakfast cereals, snacks, food ingredients, protein fibration, pet foods and fish feed. Clextral also designs and sells couscous and pasta production lines, using our unique Rotante drying technology.

We are the world leader in most segments manufacturing extruded products and in couscous production lines.

Green Industries: pulp processing, plastics and chemical industries

Using twin-screw extrusion, Clextral intensifies processes and offers a full range of customized systems for more effective, more efficient and cleaner industrial processes that contribute to Sustainable Development.

Green Extrusion Technology is used to manufacture a wide range of products and enables new opportunities for the transformation of bio-sourced raw materials: pulp and paper (including banknotes and official documents), biodegradable packaging, natural-fiber reinforced polymers, horticultural fibers, biofuels, bio-refined products, technical plastics, etc.

These intensified processes are based on the principle of “doing more with less”, in terms of raw materials, energy, water and reagents.

Powder Industries: innovative powder manufacturing

Leveraging its patented EPT™ (Porosification Extrusion Technology), Clextral is developing pioneering solutions to make innovative powders, with improved functionalities while using less energy. EPT™ can efficiently replace conventional powder drying techniques for many food applications: dairy products and related products, beverages and instant coffee, probiotics, ingredients, flavors, etc. This innovative technology can also be used for the manufacturing of chemical and pharmaceutical powders.

Clextral also offers its customers full support to develop their innovations based on R&D expertise in processing and pilot lines and systems.

DKM dosing pumps serving industries in oil and gas, chemicals and nuclear energy

DKM is a supplier of high-precision industrial dosing pumps, designed and manufactured to strict specifications. These pumps, for example, are installed in the core safety systems of nuclear power plants. The DKM pumps are also adapted to the specific requirements of oil and natural gas companies, as well as chemical, pulp and food manufacturers.