Quality, Safety and Environment are fundamental values ​​applied in our daily work, which is part of our responsible and profitable approach. Our ongoing goal is to improve our products and services to satisfy our customers.

The strategic commitment Clextral for the quality of its products and services is evidenced by the development of an integrated management system that covers different areas of Quality, Safety, Environment, Radiation Protection and Sustainable Development.

A responsible approach to serving our customers

With its first ISO 9001 certification since 1996, Clextral implemented a “customer-centric” approach of quality mainly based on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Since 2005 Clextral also chose to enroll in the process of ISO 14001 certification.

For its “Pumps” activity, Clextral has been CEFRI certified (radiation protection) since 2006.

Our goal is to benefit all stakeholders (customers – shareholders – suppliers – …) of the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services, focusing on sustainable customer satisfaction.

This challenge is part of our international development strategy. Through this global presence, we can guarantee the same level of quality of our products and services to our worldwide customers.

Gender Equalty (2019)

Clextral is committed to implementing a gender equality approach.
In the metallurgy industry, we want, as far as we can, to fight against the stereotypes and to get more involved in this equilibrium.