Clextral will participate to the Bioket event from March 1st to March 19th. It’s the global conference dedicated to processes and technologies applied to biomass. This edition will be held online during three weeks.

From March 1st to March 19th, you will be able to watch many video-on-demand (breakout sessions, innovation tours, workshop…). And at the end of these three weeks, from March 15th to March 19th, there will be many events in live (B2B meetings, live plenaries, networking and an exhibition area).

Sylvie Brunel

Lionel Danos

Lionel Danos from Clextral will make a presentation about « Intensified continuous biomass treatment by twin screw extrusion ». The video of this presentation will be available on the video-on-demand area of Bioket website from March 1st to March 19th.

Sylvie Brunel and Lionel Danos will be on Clextral virtual booth to answer all of your questions.

Clextral can share its expertise in the green extrusion technology. This technology, specialized in biomaterials and recycled materials, can be used to make a large range of produits (for example specialty papers, horticultural fibers, energy, chemicals or materials sourced from lingo-cellulosic biomass, biodegradable packaging, technical plastics…). 

Using biomass pretreatment is a part of a sustainable development approach. Experts are working on the development of new technologies to convert lignocellulosic biomass which is the most abundant source of renewable carbon on the planet. The aim is to transform biomass into biofuels and chemicals that can replace those obtained from petrochemical sources. 

With Clextral technology, you will contribute to sustainable development thanks to the benefits of twin screw applied to the treatment of biomass :

  • Continuous process
  • Flexibility 
  • Reduction of characteristic times
Biomass Green Industries

If you are interested by this technology, you can visit the Bioket website to register in order to attend this event.