Pulp for banknotes

Long fiber annual plants, such as cotton, hemp, flax and sisal enable the production of especially robust and sophisticated papers as they provide very resistant cellulose with exceptional strength. Twin-screw processing is ideal for making these paper pulps because it ensures consistent quality and specific features to achieve the distinctive  “look-and-feel” that people expect. In addition, the extrusion process for banknotes makes it easier to include watermarks, security threads or chemical tracers at the papermaking phase to produce security banknotes that are difficult to counterfeit.

Clextral twin-screw process freatures

Clextral twin-screw pulp processing offers major advantages for making banknote paper:

  • Very high quality papers with specific security and durability features
  • Optimized pulp yield, through continuous processing
  • Versatility in the use of non-wood raw materials
  • Cost effective and environmentally-friendly manufacturing
    • 10 to 15% reduction in energy consumption
    • 10 to 30% decrease of chemicals and bleaching agents
    • Reduced water consumption
  • Compact turnkey installation, requiring less floor space and simplifying engineering requirements


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