On June 5, Clextral’s test plant in Tampa became an extrusion classroom, with an operating extruder making cereal puffs, ancillary equipment demonstrations, and conference room sessions about cereal extrusion processes. Our students were participants in a Breakfast Cereal Short Course sponsored by the American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI). Course participants were excited to visit Clextral and see this technology in action, generating lively discussions about the extrusion process and processing techniques. The course was co-directed by Leon Levine, PhD and Robert Miller, with classroom sessions taught by experienced supplier representatives and consultants to the major breakfast cereal companies, including Robert Fast, Gary Fulcher, Douglas Hanify, Jenni Harrington, Hadrien Delemazure, Ian Purvis, John Rebhorn, and Michael Stewart. Thank you to all the participants !

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