We will attend the 9th Protein Summit in the Grand Palais at Eura Lille (France) from September 19th to 21st.

Clextral has over 15 years experience in proteins fibration by twin screw extrusion technology : we pioneered the High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC).

Novel protein products are  a new range of finished products made with fibrous proteins. These products have been developed by Clextral in partnership with food processors and food research centers. The demand for this range of products is growing as consumers seek healthy and tasty alternatives to meat.

protéine végétale fibrées

anne sophie lechevin


Don’t miss our Protein fibration Expert presentation, Anne-Sophie LECHEVIN !

September 21st – Track II: New Protein Ingredients & Functions
SESSION II protein Ingredient and processing innovation

16.00 – 16.25          Future of the plant proteins in wet-extrusion – Ms. Anne Sophie Lechevin, Key Market Manager, Clextral SAS (France)
The wet extrusion technologies is making new inroads in the food industry due to new innovations and an increasing demand for convenient pre-cooked and hydrated vegetable protein ingredient. Why? What has been the driver for success? Which challenges still exist and where are new opportunities to combine different proteins, hydrocolloids and oils? What is needed and will become available?


You will also meet Mathieu GIRODET and Juna DEYGAT area sales managers for Clextral, who will be pleased to answer all your interrogations on our production lines.




We look forward to see you there !