Spare and wear parts

Spare and wear parts

Wear Part Replacements

We manufacture replacement wear parts at our production site in France, including both standard and premium solutions for extruder wear. Our premium metal formulation is a fusion of advanced metallic compositions produced under unique process parameters.

This metallurgy significantly outperforms standard materials, due to its high densification, which provides increased ductility and hardness.

What does this mean to you in your plant?

  • Wear cost budget is significantly reduced due to enhanced lifetime production performance
  • Extended period of consistent product quality and throughput
  • Reduced downtime and increased productivity

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Upgrade solutions

Adding or changing ancillary equipment

Twin-screw extrusion lines include a series of distinct processing units. Upgrading or improving one or several of these units can be a practical and productive solution. Clextral’s extensive line of “clip on” ancillary equipment gives you many options to enhance your production performance and develop new products to adapt to market trends.

Modernize your equipment

Modifications such as lengthening a barrel or adding ancillary kits can transform an older yet still reliable line, giving it a second life as a high-performance system to meet new demands.

Second Hand Equipment

Clextral EZ Access is our second hand equipment offer.

Our refurbish service brings new life to second hand extruders, restoring and adapting them for a specific process.

Please contact us to inform us about your needs and learn more about our opportunities.

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Technical support

Technical expertise and auditing

Clextral furnishes preventive maintenance and equipment audits to support our customers around the world, delivered from our international locations. We propose a range of advice to optimize your production processes, including: audits of your equipment and production lines, tuneup of machine parameters, analysis to detect parts that need to be changed and review of your parts management system and stocking policies.

Remote Assistance Service

In addition to local service from our worldwide locations, our customers have direct access via our online Technical Support. This service allows customers around the world to connect with our dedicated network of experts and engineers (automation & mechanical) in real-time, to troubleshoot issues and implement solutions.

Process Expertise and consulting

Through the expertise of process engineers and the capacity at our in-house facilities, we enable our customers to test new recipes and advance processes for both food and non-food product categories.  We can implement numerous solutions, such as changes in screw profile design, upgrades and automation to make sure you are getting the best out of your Clextral systems.

Extrusion Service Program

Extrusion Service Program

The Clextral Extrusion Service Program (ESP) is a complete, cost-effective solution to ensure that your extruder is properly maintained and in good operating condition.


  • Priority Scheduling
  • Discount on service rates
  • Discount on test plant fee for training and process development
  • Discount on spare parts and more …


  • Optimize your extruder operation
  • Ensure proper maintenance procedures are followed
  • Control your maintenance costs
  • Schedule your maintenance
  • Ensure parts availability
  • Plan hardware/software upgrades
  • Maintain the integrity and value of your extruder
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