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Why work with us?

275 men and women currently work at Clextral. 73% of our sales are generated outside the euro zone and we are active on 11 locations on 5 continents.

Our Human Resources policy enable experts as well as young graduates to be integrated quickly into the company facilitating career development in France or abroad.

Clextral employees come from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, demonstrating the company’s openness and its commitment to fair employment practices. Everything is done to integrate newcomers and to promote team building and a positive corporate culture.

Since 2008, the Mouv’idées program allows employees to propose new ideas to improve the everyday life in the company.   

Bureau d'études

You also can get involved in business strategy by participating in the Horizon 2020 project which is geared to studying development potential in the future (including economic, technological, demographic and environmental issues). This project involves Clextral employees working together in a dozen workshops.

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  • Students: internships, work-study programs

Some of our areas of expertise: Communication – Marketing – Sales – Purchases – Engineering  – Manufacturing – Finance – Quality – Research and Development – Human Resources – Customer service


Human resources in figures :

  • 275 employees (225 in France and 50 abroad) – 80 engineers – 3 doctors
  • Over  6% of the payroll is devoted to employee training. Creation of Legris University and Clextral University
  • About 100 people joined the companty between 2000 to 2013
  • 11 locations on 5 continents
  • 20% of employees are women
  • 19% of employees are less than 30 years old
  • Clextral works in 17 different languages
  • Knowledge transfer between beginners and experienced staff
  • Clextral is certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001(environmental), CEFRI (Radiation protection)